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Should tariff rates change prior to the shipment of your goods, the unit cost may be impacted accordingly.

DEBCO is pleased to advise that we have expanded our shipping to the United States to serve your firm in a more timely manner.


DEBCO will offer daily shipments to the United States. We will also prepare all the required customs entries. Please make a note to allow three days for transit and customs clearance procedures for arrival of the goods at our warehouse in Niagara Falls, New York. DEBCO can ship on our UPS account and bill your firm for the freight and USA import duties OR DEBCO can ship on your UPS account (for credit approved clients) and bill your firm for the USA import duties only.


Client/customer can ship directly from their own premises and develop the requisite export documents. Please make note of entry fees, duties and freight in the calculations.
Please see the USA Tariff list for a list of duty rates and H.S.T. codes (list is an approximation only and DEBCO cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies therein).

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